Unique Experiences


Istanbul is considered to be World’s largest museum of History… Moving around the city among various neighbourhoods and districts, one can be thrilled to explore streets, buildings and monuments aged hundred years to thousand years.  The city is set on 7 hills as well as its considered there are 7 layers of civilisations .  Being at the most strategic places of the world as a passage from Asia to Europe, Istanbul hosts billions of stories of civilisations and people in the history that lived in this bridge city.  


Cappadocia is one of the most unique formations of land In the world.  It is also named as the ‘Land of Fairy Chimneys’ , the rough winds for of hudreds years shaped chimney like landscape in the volcanic area.   There are thousand years of settlement in this place, the most well known ones are the underground cities built by the earliest Christians in the world who escaped from Arab attacks, and  the cave monasteries carved in the rocks and valleys.  Today the region is famous with cave hotels carved into the rocks that still carry the culture of living from thousand years back.  It is an experience to enjoy accommodation in these hotels followed by a hot air balloon ride early morning to experience the most exciting sunrise over the fairy chimneys. 


Nowhere in the world, there is another culture of hosting guests in the house by a hundred stars of hospitality for socializing together. Whatever the time of the visit is , there is always home food to offer which has a dedicated style of service , starting from snacks to main course, followed by traditional sweets and finally a cup of Turkish coffee.  Spending time in a Turkish house with the hosts  is a kind of social teraphy where you open your heart to these people you met first in your life who will leave traces of a years of frfiendship built in couple of hours.  It is considered to the most memorable experience one can enjoy in Turkey whoever the social status is. 

BUILT YOUR OWN EURASIAN FASHION STYLE best cost to the value for shopping 

Being as the bridge from Asia to Europe , land of Turkey has been carrying the role of  meeting point and melting pot of different cultures.  This location was the end route of Silk Road for hundred years for the merchants who brought their goods from Asian countries to deliver to Europeans. Apparently today production of textiles, accessorizes and furnitures are big industries today , and local designers have an admired taste of creativity that combines Asian & European flavors. The experience of shopping with a professional consultant will give anyone an opportunity to create his own style for his personal self as well as his home décor , in the first place of production  that will be beneficiary by best costs to the value .