Business Travel Management

Business Travel Management

TAY Istanbul’s deep connections with numerous hotels, logistics companies, and airlines can save your Company not only costs but also precious time. Our team will take care of all necessary details so that you and your staff can continue running your daily business.

We will negotiate the best possible deals for your Company and make sure that you and your employees can enjoy the business trip most fruitfully.

Long & Short Term Accommodation Sourcing:

TAY Istanbul offers a wide range of accommodations, providing options for both long and short-term stays. We recognize the importance of creating a comfortable and stress-free business travel experience. With our extensive network, we ensure the ideal accommodation that aligns with your needs.

Airline Management:

Our comprehensive airline management services cover every aspect of your corporate travel, from booking tickets to coordinating itineraries. TAY Istanbul optimizes your air travel experience, with a strong emphasis on punctuality, allowing your team to remain fully focused on the journey and business objectives.

Airport VIP Services:

We provide exclusive assistance ensuring you receive top-tier treatment. TAY Istanbul Airport VIP Services create a seamless, luxurious, and efficient airport experience, whether your team is arriving, departing, or in transit at major airports.

Rental Car Management:

We arrange reliable and well-maintained vehicles, ensuring your team has the mobility and flexibility needed for successful business travel. TAY Istanbul recognizes the uniqueness of each business trip and is dedicated to tailoring it to your specific travel needs. With the assistance of our Rental Car Management service, navigating new locations in an unfamiliar city is possible. 

VISA Assistance:

TAY Istanbul simplifies the complexities of Turkish visa procurement by offering support services, including aiding in obtaining confirmation letters and visa support. We assist in the visa process, ensuring a smooth application for our clients seeking entry to Turkey.

Airport Pick Up:

We provide comfortable and timely transportation from the airport to your destination, ensuring a pleasant start to your business travel. TAY Istanbul’s Airport Pick Up service, guarantees a smooth and efficient transfer, allowing you to focus on your business objectives from the moment you

Transportation Services Throughout Turkey:

TAY Istanbul offers comprehensive transportation services across the country. Our commitment to high quality and reliability guarantees that your business travel is smooth and comfortable, allowing you to focus on your business objectives. 

Concierge Services:

TAY Istanbul’s tailored Concierge Services elevate your business travel experience to a luxurious level. From restaurant reservations to the event
tickets, our vast concierge services cover a wide range of needs, ensuring that every aspect of your journey is marked by luxury and comfort.

Meeting Room Bookings:

We offer a range of meticulously curated meeting spaces designed to meet your specific needs. TAY Istanbul handles all the logistics,
ensuring that your meeting space is fully equipped and ready for success.