Concierge Services

Concierge Services

In TAY Istanbul we are true believers that personal concierge services offered by knowledgeable local people like ourselves are the absolute source of fantastic experiences and unforgettable emotions. Our concierge services are available to personalise every step of your stay in Turkey. May it be a private jet to take you to your nex destination in style, a very special dinner organization, a need for professional interpreter for a confidencial meeting, a private chef to prepare delicious meals according to your special dietary requirements , or some urgent tailoring  needs…..whatever you may need for a most exclusive travel and stay in Turkey, TAY Istanbul’s team is here to provide you with the best solutions.

Airport Meet & Greet Services

We ensure a stress-free arrival with our Airport Meet & Greet assistance at TAY Istanbul. Our dedicated agents provide personalized assistance. We ensure seamless transitions by assisting you with your luggage, and guiding you through the airport with exceptional care.

Chauffeur & Luxury Transportation Services

TAY Istanbul provides premier access to high-end vehicles and professional chauffeurs. Our service ensures a comfortable journey and luxurious transportation experience tailored precisely to your preferences.

Private Jet, Plane, Helicopter & Yacht Charter Services

TAY Istanbul exclusively offers a range of high-end transportation options, including private jets, planes, helicopters, and yachts. Our services are meticulously curated to ensure luxurious and bespoke voyages, prioritizing your comfort, safety, and unique preferences. 

Butler, Maid & Babysitter Services

TAY Istanbul Butler, Maid & Babysitter Services provide personalized and professional assistance. Our team prioritize your comfort and is dedicated to offer an enjoyable and stress-free time during your travel. 

Personal Care & Wellness Services

Our team ensure a relaxing and revitalizing experience by providing tailored health and beauty treatments. TAY Istanbul offers suitable activities to enhance your physical and mental well-being during travel or stay.

Personal Interpreter Services

TAY Istanbul Personal Interpreter Services ensure effective communication and understanding during international meetings or travels. Our proficient interpreters enable seamless communication, ensuring your international engagements or travels proceed smoothly.

Personal Shopping Assistance Services

We offer tailored guidance and exclusive access to your unique shopping preferences. TAY Istanbul Personal Shopping Assistance Services encompass personalized advice, guidance, unique finds, and luxury items to streamline your shopping experience.

Dining Reservations

TAY Istanbul facilitates exquisite dining experiences by arranging tailored dinner bookings. We curate reservations at top-notch restaurants, ensuring a sophisticated culinary journey.

Festival & Concert Tickets Sourcing

TAY Istanbul specializes in sourcing exclusive tickets for a variety of festivals and concerts. We provide access to exclusive and high-demand events, ensuring unforgettable cultural experiences with ease and convenience. 

Sporting Event Tickets Sourcing

TAY Istanbul sources tickets for sports events, offering access to premier matches and tournaments. We ensure access to major sporting events to elevate your experience and provide an unforgettable time for sports enthusiasts. 

VIP Private Events

Our team assists in organizing exclusive and sophisticated private events tailored to your preferences and requirements. We elevate gatherings in prestigious venues, ensuring a personalized service for both private celebrations and corporate functions.