Today is your very special day! You may wish to have a private celebration with a loved one or bring a group of friends and family on a joyful trip to Turkey. Regardless of the size of your company we are here to let you live the most exclusive birthday celebration ever. You may want to opt for a classy black-tie night in Istanbul or a casino-themed journey in Northern Cyprus….or a wild party in a secret private venue…whichever mood you want to set for your own celebration we will put all our creative and management knowledge in service for planning and executing a unique flow for when you will blow your celebration candles.

Destination & Venues Management

TAY Istanbul specializes in venue sourcing and accommodation selection, meticulously securing spaces that perfectly reflect the unique vision of our esteemed clients. We ensure a comfortable and tailored experience by identifying and securing venues aligned with your preferences.

A-Z Birthday Theme Creation and Execution

TAY Istanbul encompasses the entire process of ideating, planning, and implementing event concepts from start to finish. We create innovative ideas aligned with your unique vision and ensure every detail is gorgeous of your birthday.

Inspiration, Design & Styling Services

We offer creative inspiration, design, and styling services tailored to your preferences, ensuring a personalized and visually stunning wedding. TAY Istanbul crafts visually appealing themes and designs for a captivating event.

Stage Set-Up and Audio-Visual Services

TAY Istanbul excels in technical set-up and stage flow management, ensuring a smooth operation and captivating experience. From sound systems to lighting, we expertly coordinate every technical aspect, ensuring a successful execution of your event’s stage setup.

Transportation Services

TAY Istanbul offers comprehensive transportation services across the country. Our commitment to high quality and reliability guarantees that your business travel is smooth and comfortable, allowing you to focus on your business objectives.

Hospitality Management

TAY Istanbul ensures a seamless and delightful experience for you and your guests. From accommodations, to guest services, we prioritize comfort and satisfaction throughout your wedding celebrations.

Food and Beverages Design & Management

TAY Istanbul designs exquisite food and beverage experiences, offering diverse menus and exceptional service tailored to your wedding. We oversee the overall dining experience and manages the process to elevate the essence of your celebration.

Custom Made Gift Sourcing

We source thoughtful and unique gifts aligned with your preference to ensure your esteemed guests are delighted at your special day. TAY Istanbul customizes these gifts according to your unique perspective and birthday theme.

Entertainment Services & Management

Our team excels in arranging performances and activities aligned with your event’s theme or objective. TAY Istanbul expertly manages and coordinates all aspects, from booking artist to handling technical setups for a seamless experience.

Photo & Video Shooting Services

TAY Istanbul offers professional Foto/Video Shooting Services that expertly capture the essence and moments of events. We arrange skilled photographers and videographers expertise in comprehensive documentation while preserving cherished memories.