Special Interests

Special Interests

Golf in Turkey

Home to more than 20 high quality golf courses including European Tour and championship ones, Turkey emerges as one of Europe’s golfing hotspots. There are golf courses in Istanbul, Bodrum and Antalya, Belek area in Antalya being the most famous with courses created by Sir Nick Faldo and Colin Montgomerie within the premises of luxury resorts. 5* luxury resorts with fantastic facilities and outstanding service quality combined with golf courses merged with magnificent natural landscape offer some unmatched value for money for golf travellers to Turkey.

Adventure & Sports Travel

Due to its diverse geography offering a wast variety of landscapes between Europe and Asia, Turkey is a fantasyland for trill seekers and sports lovers. Whether it is cycling through the fairy chimneys and canyons of Cappadocia, climbing some of the most spectacular peaks like Mount Ararat in Eastern Turkey, walking the Lycian Way renown as one of the best walks in the world, or kitesurfing in Akyaka home to the world championship….TAY Istanbul can suggest, plan and give you the best support  in your active holidays in Turkey.                     

Faith Travel

Craddle of Civilizations, Anatolia has been a proctecting motherly womb to countless faith groups over thousands of years. Being at the crossroads of human history, Turkey is in a unique position in the world as the country has a wealth of religous sites significant to Christians, Jews, Muslims and also Samaritans. TAY Istanbul’s experience in working with guests from diverse backgrounds allow us to appreciate certain delicate details when assisting you with your religous trip or pilgrimage in the holy sites of Turkish heritage.

Gastronomy Tourism

Renown and recognized by UNESCO on gastronomy, Turkey offers an incredably wide range of tastes in the palate of culinary travellers, food and wine cononneurs. Locally produced fresh sustainable products of each region in Turkey turn into memorable gastronomy experiences for the travellers. A gastronomy tour in Turkey is much more than trying a couple of dishes or participating in cooking classes… Because the vast Ottoman Empire gathered together numerous cultures, the exchange of recipes enriched by the produce of the land and seas generated one orf the worlds biggest culinary cultures. We recommend you to combine your Turkish culinary experience with world class wines produced with historic Anatolian grapes too. TAY Istanbul will be delighted to take you through the tasy streets of the gastronomy wonderland that is Turkey.

Concerts & Festivals

Turkey showcases hundreds of national, international and local festivals throughout the year. From sports festivals to rock music ones, from classical Turkish music concerts to electronical dance music festivals Turkey’s concert&festival calendar always has many options for international travellers to choose from. You can find yourself picking oranges in Adana Orange Festival, watching world premier movie screenings in Istanbul Cinema festival, experiencing world’s best musicians in Jazz festivals, sit in Aspendos ancient amphiteathre to listen to worlds biggest opera divas….in Turkey there’s always some occasion to get you immerged in events mixing with local and international people who have your own interests.